Couple paid $100 to park 2.5 hours in downtown Denver parking garage
They learned an important lesson and are warning others to read the signs very carefully.
Author: Allison Levine
DENVER — How much are you willing to pay per hour for premium parking in Downtown Denver?
Stephanie Shober said she “could imagine like $25 or $35”, but never expected to pay $100.
She and her husband drove from their home in Castle Pines to Downtown Denver on Saturday night for dinner with a friend at Avelina near 17th Street and Wazee Street.
The family was running late so Shober said her husband dropped her and the kids off and pulled into the nearest lot. 

“He saw the sign but he thought it said $10,” Shober said. “So, he pushed the button, took the ticket, parked and ran. We had a great dinner, a lot of fun.”

When they tried to leave the garage at 1630 Wazee St., the Shobers discovered the garage didn’t charge them $10 an hour. Instead, they were charged $100 for two and a half hours. 

On Monday afternoon, that same garage was charging $12 for the first hour, not much more than the $8 and $10 per hour lots in the surrounding area.

“It said $100 for the first hour but when you see that I think your brain registers $10 because who’s going to pay $100 for the first hour? I think that’s why my husband is like ‘it is my fault, it said that,’ but he thought it said $10 because who’s going to pay $100 dollars?” Shober said.

She posted a picture of her ticket and was met with similar outrage. 
“It’s not even that bad in San Francisco,” wrote one of Shober’s friends
Saturday was not Shober’s first Downtown rodeo. She’s lived in Colorado her whole life. 
“It’s not like I’m a downtown rookie,” she said.
The Shober’s paid the full $100 and are now using their experience as a warning for others looking to enjoy a fun night on the town.
“Look at the sign before you take the ticket! Make sure it says $10 instead of $100!” Shober warned.