We now know when and where the work will begin. 

Permits were approved by the City and County of Denver this past Monday.  Residents of the building noticed activity ramping up in the parking garage as temporary work sheds were completed and swarms of workers assembled equipment in preparation.

The E and F stacks will be the first homes affected, and more specifically the bathrooms in the E’s and kitchens in the F’s.  Meetings are being held in advance of each section where work is taking place with small groups of homeowners to inform them what they can expect.  Individual owners will also have an opportunity to meet with the construction company to review expectations and concerns for their homes.

Information can be found at the following website:


brooksrepipe gets you in to review the latest information.

A pattern of sales has begun to develop in what I would call the “Realization Zone” of the project.  I will comment on what we are seeing in the market next week, but wanted to get this news online for those following the building.