As this fluid situation develops, we now know one thing: Things will change daily.

Understanding that everyone is being bombarded with information during this time, here is the direction our firm is taking.

1.  The office doors are closed.  Doors are locked, Phones are on.  If you need to contact us, we have office extensions forwarded to cellphones and our dial by name directory is accessible by pressing 2.  You can contact us by email also.

2.  Many companies, including our own corporate partner, are recommending our brokers use this time to build their client base by keeping their information in front of them with daily emails, phone calls and texts.  To some extent, we disagree.  We think our clients probably want to hear from someone besides their Realtor while they remain in place to focus on health and family.

3.  We will not be sending spam encouraging you to buy or sell a home during this challenging period of time.  But we will be there if you need to buy or sell a home during this time.

4.  If you receive a regular newsletter, these are generally pre-published weeks in advance and generated electronically.  We apologize in advance, and will also confirm that the opt out features of these really do work should you choose to do so.

5.  Since we are all surfing the internet, largely because we finished our playlist on Netflix or OnDemand, we are seeing some who are checking out properties on the MLS or our websites.  Here is what we can offer:
  a.  We can start a search for you (whether just looking for fun or getting ready to do something) on the reliable MLS system.
  b.  Doing this now gives you an opportunity to work with us to refine zones and parameters over the next several weeks until the terms of the crisis change again.
  c.  Setting and refining during the slow times will ensure the information you are receiving is the information you want, once the market normalizes.

  d.  If something does catch your eye, we can work for you by requesting additional photos, floorplans, and video that may be available.

6.  We will limit showing activity during this period of time to protect everyone’s health and to prevent spread of the virus.  We are staying informed on updates to best practices and requirements as required by our government agencies.  We have been able to place tenants and contract with buyers over the past weeks, operating under the requirements for safe practices.

Most expect a lively market once the restrictions pass.  Currently, on April 3rd, we tend to agree with that; our assessment is based on the activity leading up to “Stay at Home” orders and our volume of calls since.  A lot can change quickly in this environment, so we are watching the markets each day and communicating with others in our business so we know what is happening and to set our own expectations.

Stay in touch with us if you would like, we love hearing from everyone and we love hearing when everyone is okay.  We are also ready to help where we can. 

Whatever the changing world brings us, we will be prepared.