Brooks Tower Welcomes  
New Property Management Director 
Please welcome Michelle Rogers to Brooks Tower.  
Michelle is the new Property Management Director 
for our historic property in the heart of Downtown Denver. 
Michelle and her husband moved to Denver from the East Coast where she gained substantial experience in managing and marketing everything from apartments and senior housing to townhouses and condominiums. 
Michelle’s background includes facilities and property management, customer service and team leadership. 
Some of you might have noticed her sitting in the back of the Seawell Ballroom last month during the Brooks Tower HOA Annual Meeting. “I was impressed with how well the meeting ran, giving those who wanted to speak a chance to express themselves and their concerns. Others contributed suggestions on ways to improve the building and that was good to see.” 
Michelle has spent the last three days visiting with managers, Owners, Board members and employees, getting briefed on the issues we’ve been addressing recently and learning about the systems used to keep  Brooks Tower running on a business-like basis. She has walked the building on her own, taken the tour of Riser/Re-Piping with sageWater and Bergman Group project managers, seeing both the “before” and “after” views of what’s behind the walls. 
In the coming week she will meet individually with employees, attend both an information session for Owners affected by the next round of Riser/Re-Piping, and join us for the Holiday Party. 
Your Board believes Michelle Rogers will make Brooks Tower a better place to live for those already here and a more attractive opportunity for those wanting to live in the heart of Downtown Denver. Please say hello and welcome her to our community. 
Your HOA Board of Directors