As you probably have heard, your community has made the important decision to replace several of the deteriorating piping systems. This is a critical renovation project for the community as it will help prevent further leaks, very likely increasing property values by providing you with reliable plumbing systems for years to come. To complete this community-wide renovation project, SageWater has been selected as the contractor by the Board of Directors to replace the piping and Bergeman Group will continue to provide construction management overnight services throughout the renovation process.

To successfully replace the pipes, work must be completed both within the common areas as well as within each unit. Since most of the pipes are concealed within the walls and ceilings, the piping will need to be accessed by cutting holes in the drywall. The old pipes will be removed, the new pipes will be installed, and the drywall will be repaired. The plumbing systems that will be replaced are located in various locations of the building, the work will require several visits into each unit over the course of the project. The first phase of work will include replacing the domestic supply piping and the drain, waste and vent (DWV) piping, which will typically require one or two visits into each unit, depending on your floorplan. A second phase within each unit will include replacement of the hydronic heating and cooling (HVAC) piping. In total, the construction schedule is expected to take approximately three years to complete.

This notice is the first of several notices that you will be receiving. Keep your eye out for future notices regarding upcoming work and your unit schedule. Unit schedules will be published weekly on a rolling six-week schedule. SageWater, the Contactor is also establishing a project bulletin board in the Lobby to provide additional information throughout the project. The bulletin board will display communications about work that will take place in the common areas of the building. For your convenience, a project website is also being established for owners in the building.

Approximately 2 weeks prior to the work starting in your unit, SageWater will contact unit owners to schedule a pre-construction walk-through meeting with an owner or their owner(s) representative. A form is available from the project website for a unit owner to designate a representative. During this walk-through, the construction team will provide a unit pre-construction notice specific to your unit type that will include a color-coded floor plan indicating where the work will be performed, and provide a detailed explanation of the work Sagewater will be performing and what you will need to do to prepare – both prior to and during construction. Because each unit is finished and furnished differently, this pre-construction walk-through is mandatory and must be attended by an owner or owner’s representative. If the unit is rented, a Tenant representative should also be present so that they’re informed about the work. This meeting will typically take less than 45 minutes.


Work will be conducted weekdays between the hours of 8:00am to 5:30pm. For logistical reasons, the work in your unit must be coordinated with work in adjacent units. As such, you can expect that Sagewater’s team will be working within your unit at different times of the day. This work flow is required for production, so please expect them to be in and out of your unit at various times throughout your scheduled work days. 

Due to the nature of this project, resident cooperation with the project schedule is imperative. Rescheduling the work in any unit impacts the timeline of the entire project and increases the cost. It would also mean that your neighbor immediately adjacent to you will be inconvenienced. For this reason, requests to reschedule work in any unit cannot be accepted. In the event of delay, postponement of, or interference with the work in your unit by the owner or residents, you may be assessed delay fees.

You may not use the plumbing system in your unit during work hours while the improvements are being performed in your tier (or a neighboring tier in certain circumstances). Water shut-off schedules will be provided in advance of the work in your tier. On these days, the water will be turned off at 8:00am and will be restored by 5:30pm each day. Common area bathrooms will be available for residents to use during working hours.

Part of this project involves replacing the hot and cold-water supply pipes. As part of the daily procedure to return water service to your Unit, Sagewater and / or Bergeman Group will run water (both hot and cold) through the new pipes for approximately 15 minutes. Once you return to your unit, we suggest that you run the water again for another 15 minutes to let any air out of the pipes as well as flush-out any debris that may have accumulated while the water was shut-down.

Various finish materials such as tile, fixtures and cabinetry in your unit may be affected by the project. Walls and ceilings that are cut open to access plumbing pipes will be repaired and painted to match the surrounding wall surface. Repair and replacement of custom finishes such as wallpaper, faux finish, plaster, etc. will be repaired under allowances established in the construction contract. Should you rather have your own contractor remove and reinstall the custom finishes you would need to have the removal completed prior to any work scheduled by SageWater. Should you opt to do this you will not be reimbursed for this work by the HOA or project team.

IMPORTANT: While you may generally occupy your Unit during active construction (except for work during asbestos abatement for each pass through your unit), please note the following:
Persons should not occupy units undergoing active construction operations if the person suffers from, (i) medical conditions that may be aggravated by dust or fumes generated by the work, or (ii) physical frailty that limits or impairs personal mobility.
Anyone who enters or occupies a unit undergoing daily active construction operations does so at their own risk.
Minors should not be left in the apartment alone during work hours.

Asbestos abatement will take place as part of this project. On days when asbestos abatement occurs (estimated at one day for each pass through each Unit), no one can enter the unit, and pets cannot remain in the Unit until the air has been cleared for re-entry at the end of the day. Further information will be provided during the pre-construction walk-through.

This is a summary of recent communication received on the Brooks Tower Riser Project which will now commence in March 2019.  For more details and information, please contact the Brooks Tower HOA office at 303.629.7200.