Here is the latest news from the HOA on the upcoming riser project:

SageWater Construction’s Management team will be here in the building beginning January 7, 2019.

A detailed schedule and plans for water shut downs to limit disruptions during construction are being developed.

By late January Bergeman Group will send out to Owners a Project Overview to provide significant details of the scope of the project.

It will include information on what’s involved in the work, floor plan impact maps, tips for homeowners and residents to be ready when the contractor comes to their unit and contact information. 

Also by late January SageWater will have a Brooks Tower website ready to launch, with access from the Brooks Tower website’s home page.

Also in January notices will go out as contractor teams begin inspecting units to determine the best way to access pipes needing replacement.

Current plans call for work in units to begin the first week in March, though it is too early to identify specific units or to have a schedule for the order in which units will be affected.

Please remember that before work begins, and as it proceeds, SageWater and Bergeman will schedule regular meetings with Owners both in small groups and larger ones.

The early stages of the project are taking shape.  We are pleased that over 20% of the homeowners have already paid or have committed to pay their assessment upfront; this will lead to significant savings to the community and give the HOA flexibility in working through the project.