Here is the most recent update on the Brooks Tower Riser Project:

As you may have already read in previous posts, the HOA board has been reviewing proposals to replace the pipes in the building.  The selected proposals include pipe replacement throughout the building for all 3 systems (domestic hot/cold, waste/drain, and hydronic/HVAC).  Each proposal considered all aspects of the project including mobilization, permit and inspections, abatement, safety, preparation and protection of owner property, etc.

The selection process was completed this past week as the board, the operations committee, and the owner’s representative completed the interview process and finalized the bids.  The grand total for the project presented to the homeowners at the monthly HOA meeting last Thursday was $27,927,914.  The terms of the project will be reviewed with homeowners in a formal presentation at a town-hall style meeting set for August 5th. Following the Town Hall meeting, ballots will be distributed to homeowners for their vote on the project; the board is requesting return of the votes within 30 days of mailing.

Inquiries are already in process to identify and review financing options available.  While the process of interview and selection of a financing source will not be completed prior to the Town Hall, it will be well underway as the board awaits the results of the homeowner vote.

Current projections are that the first phases of the project will begin in early 2019 and it will be completed in approximately 36 months.