When a building undertakes a large plumbing project, the specter of construction, dust, displacement, and the inconvenience of water shut-offs can seem overwhelming.  While Brooks has had its share of complaints, the combined team of the HOA, Bergman Group, and SageWater have worked hard to get it right and make adjustments to the process as necessary.  We thought it might be good to share some unsolicited comments from a couple residents:

“As I said during our just recently completed the final walk thru of (our) riser (bathroom) project, I cannot express my happiness with the final results. I am thrilled beyond expression at the final result. I cannot speak to matters of being above or below budget but I can say that the work was completed way ahead of schedule and took barely 2 weeks. How often can one say a project of this scope and magnitude is ahead or schedule? Not very often I am sure! Cleanliness of my unit, after the work completion, was great. Honestly, had I not been here when the new drywall was being installed, before taping and texturing,  I would swear you guys did nothing and just sent a big bill. The walls are completely refinished and I cannot tell where old original work ends and new work starts. The drywall finish and texture match the old original work perfectly and I cannot see or feel seams, junctions or texture differences. Paint colors are perfectly matched. Even though the tile work in the shower does not match the old original small tiles because of availability, who cares? The tile work is perfect! I am hugely happy with the final project results. To be honest, some of the old 50+ year old walls in my unit are much better off now than before the renovation. I am thrilled beyond expectations and belief. At the risk of sounding too exuberant, the only complaint I have are some spots on the carpet that Gary and his crew, I am sure, will easily spot clean back to original condition.”

Here is another:

“I’d like to say a few words about my experience with the re-piping project.  I’m 12 business days into the process and so far and have had a positive experience.  I’ve found SageWater and The Bergeman Group to be professional.  The staff of been very nice to work with and they’ve been considerate of my space.  I’ve been in my unit every day so far except for the abatement day and the day after.  All piping work is done, and drywall was hung today.  I got a good look at the pipes and was impressed by the complexity of the work.  My replacement tile is in and I confirmed today that it’s an exact match.  I think SageWater has a good system and its clear they’ve done this work many times before.  I particularly like the status report posted on my door.  It keeps be well informed as to what has been done and what is to be done.  I’d like to thank the Board, the Construction Committee, and the Operations Committee for their work in selecting good vendors for this important project. Thank you.”

…and a few more:

“The process went smoothly in our unit.  The work was excellent and the workers were all very polite and personable and continue to be as we see them around the building.  Any problem was listened to with respect and dealt with satisfactorily (though our only problem was some carpet stains).  Tile work was especially well done.  Thanks to all SageWater folks.”

“The first phase of the riser work in my condo has gone well. Sagewater initially evaluated my unit for the necessary work and then followed through with what they said they were going to do. Sagewater’s team has been timely, efficient, and very professional in my dealings with them.”

“My experience with the first phase of the re-piping project within my F unit was very positive.  First and foremost I attended the walk-thru with the Sage and Bergman representatives.  They explained very clearly what I could expect to be happening within the next couple of weeks and answered all of my questions as to exactly what I needed to do to prepare my unit for their work.  Luckily this go around most of the work was being done next door in the adjacent wall in the E unit and under my kitchen sink.  I just happened to be home sick the entire time of the project so I got to observe first hand the work that was being done.  The Sage employees that worked within my unit were friendly and courteous each and every time they came in and out and were careful to shut the door so that my curious cat would not wonder off.  At the end of each day they cleaned up and advised me as to what to expect next.  There were a couple of lulls in the action as they apparently had to wait for inspections. Having been involved in several house remodel projects over the years, where there inevitably were delays and set backs, I expected the same to happen this time but was pleasantly pleased as to the outcome.  I also managed to see several of the removed pipes which were very badly corroded and certainly needed to be replaced.  So some it up I was very pleased with this phase and hopefully the next phase where they have to get into my bathroom goes just as well.”

“(We) were in the first tier of condos (E and F) to undergo riser construction on our bathrooms.  It was, on the whole, a well done process.  Every effort was made to protect, clean, repair and finish during and at the end of the job.

It is up to each of us to do as we are asked prior to and during construction.  If you know of a problem, COMMUNICATE! with Sagewater.”

“After being the general contractor for major renovations done in the 7 houses we owned as we moved thru 6 states, I have a very exact standard for the work being done.  SageWater’s work in 2 bathrooms and the kitchen (wall opened in our unit) was exceptional.
SageWater is very accommodating.  I bought the replacement tiles that were a close match to the original tiles on the other walls.  The tile man allowed me to lay out the tiles in the order I wanted them installed (due to color variation in the tiles).  SageWater replaced the bathroom mirror exactly fitting the light fixture within the mirror and abutting
We had no problem living in our unit during the renovation. The kitchen and 2 bathrooms look exactly the same as before the work was done.”